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Paloma creates a solid B2B e-commerce foundation that enables any company in any industry to successfully launch, manage and grow a digital commerce business.

Simplify Purchasing
Manage Orders
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Features & Highlights

B2B Ordering Platform

Web shop was yesterday! Inspire your customers with an online B2B ordering platform for quick and easy orders.

  • Efficient purchase management
  • Optimized for large order volumes
  • Customer specific prices
  • Real-time information on the ordering process

Order Automation

Ordering via the ordering platform is great. Automated ordering is better!

Stand out from your competitors and allow your customers to integrate directly with your ordering systems for incredibly fast and easy order processing. Reduce the efforts on your and your customers' side to a minimum with an automated ordering system, create satisfied customers and success on both sides for a long-term relationship.

  • No complicated and incomplete marketplace solution
  • No transaction costs incurred
  • Best efficiency with large order quantities
  • Customers integrate with Paloma and order with their own systems
  • Feedback is available in real time and minimizes effort all around
  • Customers receive agreed products at negotiated conditions
  • Let your customers decide by which means they want to order

Order Management

Looking for information is a thing of the past. Valuable details come to you!

The OMS is the central unit where all information is combined. The OMS shows you what is important at any given moment, thus increasing your productivity and avoiding conflicts at an early stage.

The OMS is also the central data management of data from your ERP, PIM and CRM. Paloma also supplies missing systems and provides you with the basis for modern trading using an order platform or order automation.

  • The system takes care of providing the most important information
  • Conflicts are always visible and can be resolved in time
  • You always have control over your data
  • You can easily maintain data from non-existent systems with Paloma itself

Seamless Integration

Integrate existing systems instead of overlaying them with an all-inclusive e-commerce solution. This prevents data redundancies, creates flexibility and saves costs.

You decide whether you want to implement an individual solution with a specialized provider or use a standard product. Paloma provides secure, highly available access to the resources you need.

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